Sleep Problems & Insomnia

People with sleep problems are often thinkers, so many of the problems people have in getting to sleep stem from worry, tension, anxiety, fears, and emotional turmoil. It seems that the most common element to be found that causes these factors to disrupt sleep is non-productive thinking. Many people have the tendency to try to solve their problems by thinking about them especially at bedtime. Hypnosis can help you break these thinking patterns and provide suggestions that encourage control of your sleep time just as you are able to control your waking time. It can assist you to take control of your sleeping self and help you to re-program how you would like the night to pass.

The subconscious has a record of both your high quality sleep and those times when you experience disturbed or poor sleep. Hypnosis can help you to access and recall those memories of healthy restful sleep and give suggestions to assist you to create new sleeping patterns.